The Busker Symphony - Andante

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Broadcast on: Monday 2nd April (Channel 4)
Cast: Woody's One Man Band
Camera: Vic Marwaha
Edited by Jamie Foord
Music Produced by: Julian Simmons at DIN
Produced by: Julie Clare for Triplestop Films
Directed by: Benjamin Till
Composed by Benjamin Till and Julian Simmons

The first movement of a set of four Three-Minute Wonders, commissioned by Kate Vogel at Channel 4. 

This film was shot on Sclater Street near Brick Lane: a road notorious for its astonishing grafitti.

The film stars Paul Woodhead, a busking one-man band from Shrewsbury.  The soundtrack for the film features street sounds which were collected by Benjamin and music producer, Julian Simmons.

Paul "Woody" Woodhead and his one-man bandThese sounds were combined with Paul's many instruments to create the opening movement, and first film of the symphony.

Click here to watch Movement 2: Adagio
Click here to watch Movement 3: Scherzo
Click here to watch Movement 4: Finale