The Busker Symphony - Scherzo

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Broadcast on: Wednesday 4th April 2007 (Channel 4)
Featuring: Carloina Herrera, Stehen Hussey, Rev Colin Slee OBE, Joe Newman OBE, Ben Teacher, Craig Crawford Jones, Mark Campbell, Spencer Pearce, David Witney, Edward Till, Hilary Brennan, Rob "Bluesman" Bryce, Paul Iwala, Duncan Meadows, Chris Roberts, Cat Saumarez, Nathan Taylor

Music performed by: Hilary Brennan, Julie Claire, Nathan Taylor & Benjamin Till
Camera: Vic Marwaha
Edited by Jamie Foord
Music Produced by: Julian Simmons at DIN
Produced by: Julie Clare for Triplestop Films
Composed and Directed by: Benjamin Till 

This film featues buskers - and those who hate them - on the travelators at Waterloo Station.

Benjamin feels privileged to have featured two men with OBEs in the film.  

Silver Centurion, Duncan MeadowsJoe Newman, at 90, is the oldest busker in the world.  He raises money  for Chelsea Widows.  

The Reverend Colin Slee approached the film crew as they were rehearsing the Finale outside the Tate Modern.  

He complained vociferously about the noise that the buskers were making, so was invited to take part in the film.  

This film gives him the opportunity to have his say about buskers on the South Bank, which in his opinion, are an utter nuisance.

Julie Clare in producer mode

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