The Crucible

The Crucible

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The Crucible

by Arthur Miller
Poster detail by James Murphy(4 vln, vla, 2 celli, percussion, pno, prepared pno, 5 vocalists) 

Incidental music recorded for theatre production. 
One of four short pieces of incidental music.

Recorded May 1994, in the Jack Lyons Concert Hall in York.

This was the first time Benjamin had scored a piece of music for prepared piano. For this piece, the piano was "prepared" with a variety of pencil rubbers, milk bottle tops, coins and keys.

Members of the castThe University of York Music Department only had one piano that students were allowed to prepare. It was stored in the percussion cupboard, and sounded pretty shoddy without all of the bits of metal and elastic bands!

Photos show detail from original poster by James Murphy, and members of the cast.