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(vib, vib, pno, voices, cello, vln, perc)

A three-part concert work. 
Text: Siegfried Sassoon. 12 minutes. 

First performed at the Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York, June 1993. 
Conducted by Leigh O'Hara.

In rehearsal for GolgothaMusicians/ vocalists: Benjamin Till, Steve Trowell, Kate Pearson, Virginia Wilde, Emily Sidey, Lucy Rice, Rachel Fryer, Baz Chapman, Ellie Mant, Beth Beamer, Liz Siddons. 

This was Benjamin's first composition as a student at the University of York, and was performed in a lunchtime concert in the Easter term of his first year.

Photos show snippets from the score, and the musicians in rehearsal.