Nothing Come Easy - Letter to a Daughter

Nothing Comes Easy

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Nothing Comes Easy

(vln, vln, cello, dbass, pno, guitar, voice)

Song from the musical, Letter To A Daughter. 
Text by Arnold Wesker.
Recorded R G Jones, Wimbledon, February 1998. 
Produced by Steve Price.
Sung by Julie Clare.
Musicians: Adrian Varela, Fiona Brice, Vasilis
Saitis, Jon Wilkinson, Nikhil Dally, James Grace.

Fragment from the scoreBased on the opening bars of Abba's Name of the Game, this song literally wrote itself. It also became the most popular of the songs from the musical, and received the most TV and radio play. Richard Sisson performed the song at the Wigmore Hall with singer Melanie Marshall and it was subsequently broadcast on Radio Three. 
This is the song that Arnold regularly asked Benjamin and Julie to perform to raise awareness of the piece. The three of them went, with set designer Eric Rehl, to Edinburgh, a few months before the festival to create a bit of a buzz. We performed in front of anyone who would listen, including a set of builders at the Assembly Rooms. The long car journey to Edinburgh was filled with singing. Arnold sang Jewish folk songs, Benjamin sang English folk songs, and Julie harmonised beautifully. 

"Never stop anyone from singing. Stop their singing, and you stop up their joy"
(Arnold Wesker, As Much as I Dare)

Photos shows a fragment from the score.