Adagio - The Busker Symphony

The Busker Symphony - Adagio

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Broadcast on: Tuesday 3rd April 2007 (Channel 4)
Cast: Mark Campbell and Craig Crawford Jones, Fiona Brice, Steve Foster Pilkington
Music performed by: An orchestra of Buskers
Camera: Vic Marwaha
Edited by Jamie Foord
Music Produced by: Julian Simmons at DIN
Produced by: Julie Clare for Triplestop Films

Composed and Directed by: Benjamin Till

Mark Campbell is the only whistler allowed to busk on the Underground Network.
He happens to be blind.

The film tells the story of how he got into busking.  

The music in the film is performed by Mark, and an orchestra composed entirely of London buskers.

Solo violinist Adrian Varela, in session at Sonica StudiosClick here to watch Movement 1: Andante
Click here to watch Movement 3: Scherzo
Click here to watch Movement 4: Finale

Benjamin first met whistler, Mark Cambell at Liverpool Street Station.

He is one of the most fascinating, cultured and intelligent people that Benjamin has ever met, and the experience of working with him was an extremely rewarding one.

Photos show whistler, Mark, with with friend and helper, Craig Crawford-Jones, through the window of a cafe window in Southwark, where the film starts, and violinist, Adrian Varela in session at Sonica Studios.