A Thousand Ways to Get High - Blast

A Thousand Ways to Get High

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A Thousand Ways to Get High

(vocal, pno, gtr, bass, 3 vlns, cello, 2 trum, 2 sax, trom, drums, perc.)

Recorded at DIN Studios, Cable Street, London, May-June 2005.
Produced by Julian Simmons.
Lead vocal by Matt Lucas (Pictured)
Musicans: Dave Williams, Jo Davies, Laura Anstee, Nick Etwell, Andy Greenwood, Pete Wareham, Barnaby Dickinson, Mark Brown, Jack Pollett, Simon Beck, Simon Little, Ivor Talbot, Julian Simmons

An Early Sketch of the ScoreGospel choir: Ellie Murray Mant, Chris Goater, Edward Till, Neal Andrews, Savannah Stevenson, Nathan Taylor, Kate Roberts, Julie Clare, James Fortune, Sean Lamberth, Matthew Elverson, Catherine Cayman, Genevieve Swallow, Matt Harrop, Mel Sanders, Nicola Barker, Zoe Tait, Nicky Drake, Victoria Benjamin, Alex Marshall, Ed White, Dominique Fisher, Anna Mitcham, Fiona Williams, Hilary Brennan, Ian Massa-Harris, Robbie Shelly, Pete Gold, Clare Ashcroft.

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