The Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse

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The Rocking Horse

To celebrate 75 years of the World Service, producer David Hitchinson commissioned a new radio play by Sir Arnold Wesker (who was celebrating his 75th birthday in 2007.)

Arnold wanted incidental music and a song composed for the project and suggested Benjamin. The play was broadcast in December 2007 and starred Prunella Scales and Clive Swift.

Benjamin convinced Arnold to sing the song they'd written together - a version which was eventually replaced with a vocal by Nathan Taylor. Benjamin fought hard for a copy of Arnold's version, however, which he felt was beautiful and haunting - and perfect for the song. This remains the only recording of Wesker singing Wesker, and as such is an incredibly important document.

Violins: Deb White and Gillon Cameron
Viola: Emma Owens
Cello: Vicky Matthews
Autoharp: Benjamin Till
Vocals: Sir Arnold Wesker and Nathan Taylor