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Never Had That Much to Say

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Never Had That Much to Say

(vocal, pno, gtr, banjo, mandolin, bass, 3 vlns, cello, 2 trum, 2 sax, trom, drums, perc.)

Recorded at DIN Studios, Cable Street, London, May-June 2005. 
Produced by Julian Simmons. 
Lead vocal by Sara Kestelman.
Musicans: Dave Williams, Jo Davies, Laura Anstee, Nick Etwell, Andy Greenwood, Pete Wareham, Barnaby Dickinson, Mark Brown, Jack Pollett, Simon Beck, Simon Little, Ivor Talbot, Julian Simmons

Benjamin first wrote the role of Golda with Sara's voice in mind. When it came to finding singers for the recording, he contacted Sara's agent to see if there was any chance she would be interested in taking part. He was surprised and delighted when she told him that she had already heard his work, and was very pleased that he had asked her.
If any evidence were required of Sara Kestelmans vocal genius, one need look no further. 

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