Song of the Young Woman - Someone Whistled

Song of the Young Woman

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Song of the Young Woman

(String Qt, Sop & Chorus)

From the Opera Someone Whistled.

First performed at the London Pleasance Theatre, May 1997.
Originally sung by Morag Brownlie. 
This 10th Anniversary recording performed by Hilary Brennan.
Musicians: Deborah White, Fiona Brice, Emma Owens and Ian Burdge.
Recorded at DIN Studios, May 2007.
Produced by Julian Simmonds.

This song, which features some lyrics by Philippa Goslett, was actually first sung in public by Ellie Mant on the day of Britain's last triumph in the Eurovision Song Contest. (Two days after Labour's landslide election victory.) 
Benjamin's grandmother, Girl, organized a coffee morning in her village, to raise money for Someone Whistled and Ellie very kindly agreed to come and perform.

Picture opposite features Morag Brownlie, taken from the original production.

Dedicated to the memory of Gillian Mary Potter.

Photo by Camilla Watson