Fall Out - Blast

(vocals, pno, gtr, bass, 2 vlns, vla, cello, 2 trum, 2 sax, trom, drums, perc.)

Recorded at DIN Studios, Cable Street, London. April-June 2004. 

Produced by Julian Simmons. 

Lead vocals by Golda Rosheuvel, Zee Asha, Nathan Taylor, Dan Carter and Nicola Dawn.

Musicians: Anna Morris, Ellie Stanford, Reiad Chibah, Amy Langley, Nick Etwell, Joe Auckland, Pete Wareham, Barnaby Dickinson, Mark Brown, Jack Pollett, Simon Beck, Simon Little, Ivor Talbett, Fiona Brice, Julian Simmons, Hilary Brennan.

Fall Out scoreOne of the most difficult songs Benjamin has ever written. The countless changes in metre and tempo caused mayhem in the studio. 
Guitarist, Ivor Talbett confessed to Benjamin that he never thought he'd ever have the chance to go crazywith such over the top, 1970s-inspired guitar riffs. Benjamin was glad to give him the opportunity!

Visit www.BLASTthemusical.com for more information, and to hear the rest of the tracks form Blast.

Photo shows part of the original score for the track.