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(String Qt, Keyboard and Large Mixed Choir)

In 2009, Benjamin was commissioned to write a set of four songs, collectively called The Book of Hope.

Ubuntu is the third song in the set.

In the pub after recording: Nathan, Sam, Michelle, Nigel, David, Julie, Tash, Johnny and Ruth.This recording was made in July 2011.  Benjamin collected a scratch choir made up of friends, most of whom had ever seen or heard the music for the song, and in a recording session that could only be up to two hours long, because of other studio commitments, managed to learn the song, and get to a stage where they were able to sing it to a recordable standard.  As a matter of fact, the song was completed in one hour and forty-five minutes!  Way to go, choir!

Singers on this recording: Michelle Smith, Natasha Thompson, Julie Clare, Ruth Pule, Abigail Jones, Rebecca Shanks, Ellie Mant, Dan Slade, Jos Slovic, Nathan Taylor, Benjamin Till, David Gregory, Johnny Mindlin, Nigel Pilkington.

The session was conducted by Samuel Becker.