Andante - The Busker Symphony

The Busker Symphony - Andante

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Broadcast on: Monday 2nd April (Channel 4)
Cast: Woody's One Man Band
Camera: Vic Marwaha
Edited by Jamie Foord
Music Produced by: Julian Simmons at DIN
Produced by: Julie Clare for Triplestop Films
Directed by: Benjamin Till
Composed by Benjamin Till and Julian Simmons

The first movement of a set of four Three-Minute Wonders, commissioned by Kate Vogel at Channel 4. 

This film was shot on Sclater Street near Brick Lane: a road notorious for its astonishing grafitti.

The film stars Paul Woodhead, a busking one-man band from Shrewsbury.  The soundtrack for the film features street sounds which were collected by Benjamin and music producer, Julian Simmons.

Paul "Woody" Woodhead and his one-man bandThese sounds were combined with Paul's many instruments to create the opening movement, and first film of the symphony.

Click here to watch Movement 2: Adagio
Click here to watch Movement 3: Scherzo
Click here to watch Movement 4: Finale

Photo shows Paul "Woody" Woodhead and his one-man band

Performed by Woody's One Man Band and the sounds of the City Of London.

Julian and Benjamin spent the hottest day of 2006 on the streets of East London recording every sound they heard - particularly those with natural pitches or rhythms.
Julian got sunstroke and Benjamin had the most horrific argument with an ice cream man who refused to play his jingle for them.

Everything on the recording is either one of the sounds Julian and Benjamin recorded on that day, or Woody playing one of his countless instruments.

The picture on the left shows Julian at a recycling machine, braving the putrid smell of rubbish in the Summer heat, to get many of the percussive noises that were used as the basis for the piece.