Finale - The Busker Symphony

The Busker Symphony - Finale

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Broadcast on: Thursday 5th April 2007 (Channel 4)
Cast: An orchestra of British buskers
Camera: Vic Marwaha
Edited by: Jamie Foord
Music produced by: Julian Simmons at DIN
Produced by Julie Claire for Triplestop Films
Compsed and Directed by: Benjamin Till

Shot in astonishing locations across London, in glorious sunshine, this film features over 100 buskers, who were all recorded separately to create an orchestral sound.

Buskers include a bagpiper, a sheng player, 20 strings, 12 woodwinds, a brass band, a rock band, a Colombian flamenco vocalist and a musical saw!

Shot in two and a half days, it starts on a rooftop overlooking St James' Park, and ends by the river at Canary Wharf.

Benjamin wishes to sincerely thank Julie Clare for working so tirelessly to create the filmĀ 

Visit the Busker Symphony's microsite to watch the films in full.

Click here to watch Movement 1: Andante
Click here to watch MovementĀ 2: Adagio
Click here to watch Movement 3: Scherzo

Pluck in Covent GardenFiona BriceOn Millennium Bridge

Photos show Pluck in Covent Garden, Fiona Brice, and the cast on the Millennium Bridge.

Musicians: George Chirac, David Witney, Roger Holtom, Pavel Tejeda, Suzie Li,Sam Becker, Fabio Tedde, James Fortune, Ben Teacher, Carolina Hererra, Simon Little, Michael O'Donnell, Guo Yi,Mirto Ferrando, Shabaka Hutchings, Thom Hewitt, Mandy Drummond, Jake Walker, David Bignell, Fiona Brice, Edward Bruggemeyer, Steve Foster Pilkington, Stephen Hussey, Yuka Masimoto, Kotono Sato, Ted Thornhill, Horia Vacarescu, Adrian Varela, Deborah White and the Becontree Brass Band.

Closing shot: Thom Hewitt at dusk, Canary WharfGeorge Chirac in session
Recorded in two days. One day for brass and strings and a second day when the soloists came into the studio at half hour intervals. Absolute mayhem as usual and not the best time to find out that one or two buskers had a somewhat individual concept of rhythm!

Photos show Thom Hewitt in the closing shot of the film at Canary Wharf, and George Chirac in session.