A Symphony for Yorkshire

A Symphony for Yorkshire

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Filmed in 42 Yorkshire-based locations which reflect the absolute diversity of “God’s Own County.”

The film shoot lasted the best part of two weeks, and gave Benjamin the opportunity to achieve a number of life-long ambitions, which included meeting the toys from Playschool and shaking hands through an upstairs window with someone in a building on the opposite side of the street in York’s medieval Shambles.

The film shoot also found Benjamin on a speed boat under the Humber Bridge, filming steam trains at Pickering Station, in gay bars, council estates, areas of back to back terraces housing where people still hang their washing up across the streets, beaches, mountainsides, forests, trams, historic abbeys and churches.

The weirdest thing to happen on the shoot was, without doubt, Benjamin getting electrocuted – twice – on bumper cars on Scarborough beach, and the most memorable occasion was filming on the back of a pick-up truck at dawn at the mystical Spurn Head, whilst hundreds of newly hatched butterflies fluttered in the early morning breeze .

Circus EnvySpeeding down the Humber
Directed by Benjamin Till
Produced by Alison Shaw
DOP: Keith Jacobsen
Edited by: Richard Levy, Stephen Turner, Andrew Dobson and Jonathan Dobson
Assisted by Jaimini Limbachia, Jay Robey, Nick (Lightning) Moore
Exec producer: Helen Thomas (Head of BBC Yorkshire)

Photos show Circus Envy, and the film crew speeding down the Humber.