The Morning Always Comes - Blast

The Morning Always Comes

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The Morning Always Comes

(vocals, pno, harmonium, gtr, bass, 2 vlns, vla, cello, 2 trum, 2 sax, trom, drums, perc.)

Recorded at DIN Studios, Cable Street, London. April-June 2004. 
Produced by Julian Simmons. 
Lead vocals by Sara Kestelman and Nathan Taylor.
Musicians: Anna Morris, Ellie Stanford, Reiad Chibah, Amy Langley, Nick Etwell, Joe Auckland, Pete Wareham, Barnaby Dickinson, Mark Brown, Jack Pollett, Simon Beck, Simon Little, Ivor Talbot, Fiona Brice, Julian Simmons, Hilary Brennan, Zee Asha. 

The first time Benjamin heard Sara Kestelman, he knew she had to sing the role of Golda. He was extremely lucky that she was able to find the time to perform on this recording. The "gospel choir" on this recording consists of Benjamin, Hilary Brennan and Fiona Brice layered again and again in the vocal booth. Everyone was quite surprised that the effect ended up being so realistic!
It took Benjamin four years to save up enough money to do this recording after he was turned down at the last moment by NESTA! Sincerest thanks have to go to Matt Lucas, Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Edward Till and Richard Till for generous donations towards the project.

This is the original graphic designed for Blast by artist and friend, James Murphy. James is also responsible for many of the posters for Benjamin's university projects.

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