Real Laced Flutes - Football Shorts

Real Laced Flutes - Football Shorts

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Real Laced Flutes - Football Shorts

Video cover(cubase)

Music for the adult movie, Football Shorts (1999). 
Released by Zipper Films. 
Directed by Simon Black.

Recorded September 1999.

Written for a British porno movie, which sadly Benjamin didn't get a chance to view before submitting the music! 

It had always been Benjamin's ambition to write porn music, and the opportunity arose at a New Labour fundraising event in Islington! 

Benjamin learned Cubase and wrote these pieces of music in under a week. 
At the time he was working as a stage door keeper at the Royal Court Theatre. He would come home from his shift at midnight, write through the night, sleep for two hours and then go back to work. He was a rubbish stage door keeper that week!

The film's director was surprised that Benjamin didn't want to use a pseudonym, and to this day, his name is proudly displayed in the end credits, but mistakenly, as the abrupt-sounding Ben Till.

Photo shows the video's cover.