Shone With the Sun

Shone With the Sun

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Shone With the Sun

(violin, violin, cello, piano)

Art song with lyrics by Arnold Wesker.

Recorded at RG Jones, Wimbledon, November 1998.
Sung by Katina Kangaris.

This recording is taken from Arnold Wesker's Desert Island Discs, aired on BBC Radio 4, December 17th 2006.

Snippet from the scoreMusicians: Fiona Brice, Alice Butcher, Rebecca Trodd, Megan Stewart. 

Written as an entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, it crashed and burned! Jonathan King contacted Arnold to say the song sounded too classical for Eurovision and it didn't even make the final 40. 
It did, however, receive a large amount of attention from a record label and very nearly led to a publishing deal!

Photo shows a snippet from the score.