Hampstead Heath: The Musical

Hampstead Heath: The Musical

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Rebecca GrantFirst broadcast: August 2005 (BBCTV)
Original Cast: The strange and wonderful people of Hampstead Heath
Camera: Vic Marwaha
Edited by: Ron Vasquez
Produced by: Penny Wrout for BBC London
Composed and Directed by: Benjamin Till
Recorded at DIN Studios, Cable Street, London, August 2005.
Music produced by Julian Simmons.

Shot in a single day on Hampstead Heath.
This is what happens when you rush up to people in a North London park, and ask then if they'd like to perform in a television musical!

Kite FinaleShooting started in an absolute downpour at dawn, and finished with the most glorious sunset, with fifty people dancing in front of a sky filled with colourful kites.  Probably one of the happiest days in Benjamin's life.

Sincerest thanks must go to Shehani Fernando, Penny Wrout and the staff of BBC London, who put their neck on the line to have the piece made.  The film casued absolute mayhem when it was broadcast on the news, and was subsequently nominated for an RTS award, and selected for two film festivals.
Benjamin, Chloe, Fiona and TedPerformed by the good people of Hampstead Heath

Musicians: Ivor Talbot, Benjamin Till, Rex, Fiona Brice, Jack Pollitt.

Cameraman Vic Marwaha checks a shot, overseen by Philip Sallon and Nathan TaylorMusic from the award-nominated short film, Hampstead Heath: The Musical. Each vocalist was given a 30-minute slot to record their line and the whole song was recorded in two days... literally by the skin of our teeth.

When filming finished on the heath on the third day, Benjamin and Nathan went back to DIN to mix the song.

Screenshot from the filmPhotos show Benjamin, Chloe, Fiona and Ted, Cameraman Vic Marwaha checking a shot, overseen by Philip Sallon, Rebecca Grant, our glass ball illusionistand the kite flyers of Hampstead Heath.