We Are Here, Are You There?

Devised by the company

In performance11th-23rd Auguat 1997, Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh
Original Cast: Jo Emery, Tessa Slack, Jim Millard, Richard Shrewsbury, Sharon Bushman, Rachel Nicholls, Sharon Cannings, Martin Nicholas
Original Music by: Benjamin Till
Produced by: 104 Theatre Company
Directed by: Benjamin Till

Madcap devised surrealist nonsense about a lift and a bizarre thing called a Destiny Dial.

PosterSet in 1972, 104 became one of the first companies to hand out 3D glasses in a piece of Live Theatre.  The process involved bringing a screen down in front of the audience, a green and a red light, and various illusions with shadows and silhouettes.  The effect was interesting, and put quite a few bums on seats, but didn't mean the audience or the cast or director) had anymore of an idea about what it was all about!

The show's highpoint was definitely the Destiny Dial Song, which brought more spandex to Edinburgh than any other show that year!

"The ending of this show is as perplexing as the rest of it" (The Stage)
"This company need glue, and they need it badly" (The Scotsman)

Photos show the cast in performance, and the production's poster.