Children in Need

First Broadcast: November 2005 (BBCTV)
Original Cast: London-based fundraisers for Children in Need
Camera: David Perella
Produced by: Penny Wrout for BBC London
Composed and Directed by: Benjamin Till
Recorded at DIN Studios, Cable Street, London, August 2005.
Music produced by Julian Simmons.
Performed by Londoners raising funds for Children In Need

Shot in a single day in Coram Fields and Spitalfields City Farm, this film starred 400 Londoners who were raising money for Children in Need.

The film features countless weird, wonderful and colourful characters, ranging from a baked bean bather, to a man in the process of having his body hair waxed.  One of the highlights of the film has to be the deaf children from the Oak Lodge Primary School, who sign-sing the first chorus of the song.

At one point, a West End tug-of-war between the casts of Mary Poppins and Les Miserables was won hands down by the Les Mis squad, despite the Poppins team being assisted by the St John's Ambulance, and the whole film crew!

Medical Students  on a Bed RaceStreet dancers  and Bollywood dancers in Coram Fields

Photos show medical students in a bed race, and Bollywood dancers and street dancers in Coram Fields

Once again, vocalists in this piece were each given a half-hour slot in the studio.

The day of recording was long, and got a little stressful at times. Many of the performers had never sung before and at one time Benjamin suddenly announced that a Salvation Army band were about to arrive, which almost gave Julian Simmons a heart attack.

RexGraceChildren   from Edith Neville SchoolPhotographs show pianist and bass-guitarist Rex, taking a break from recording, Grace Morrison, who sang the very first line of the song, and children from the Edith Neville School, Somerstown during the filming at Coram's Fields.

The film also features Sarah Bray, singing in a bath of bakedbeans!

Benjamin was particularly excited to be able to work with these children, as he has worked at the school on many occasions as a singing teacher.