by Jean-Claude van Italie

Aurelia Carter4th-6th March 1993, Drama Barn University of York 
11th-13th July 1996, Judi Dench Theatre, Crouch End

Original Cast: Claire Skiffington, Christian Mackay, Paul Gleadall, Tanya Cheadle, Emily Sharp, Gary Power, Benjamin Rosen, Lucy Rice, Beth Beamer (violin), Liz Siddons (violin), Adam Webster (viola), Ellie Mant ('cello)

2nd Cast: Martin Nichols, Charlotte Purton, Rachel Hudson, Mark Hilton, Charlie Watts, Tora Eastman, Aurelia Carter, Aaron Lee, Tanya Cheadle (double bass)

Original music for both productions: Liz Siddons
Directed by: Benjamin Till

Interview was the first production that Benjamin directed as a student.

Three years later, he chose it as his graduation piece from Mountview Theatre School, to see how far he'd come.  Playwright, Sir Arnold Wesker was invited to watch the 1996 production, and subsequently commissioned Benjamin to write songs for his musical Letter to a Daughter, staged in 1998.

Some time later, Arnold met Jan Claude van Italie in Alaska, and arranged for the playwright to sign a copy of American Hurrah for Benjamin.  This has become one of his most treasured possissions.

Photos show Aurelia Carter, and the production's poster.