by Lluisa Cunille (translated by Lola Lopez Ruiz)

Sandra Huggett and Victoria Duarri5th & 6th June 1996, Covent Garden Theatre Museum
Performed by: Victoria Duarri and Sandra Huggett
Directed by: Benjamin Till

Benjamin's first graduation piece at Mountview Theatre School gave him his first opportunity to work with professional actors.  Sandra and Victoria were both extremely talented and wonderful to work with.

Benjamin subsequently met the writer, Lluisa Cunille, whilst he was working as a barman at the Royal Court.  Lluisa was having her latest work performed at the theatre, and had heard about Benjamin's production, and been shown some photographs.

Benjamin had a long chat with Lluisa and was thrilled to discover that his interpretation of the piece was very much in keeping with hers.  In fact, their conversation seemed to cause quite a stir, and a few days later, Benjamin was contacted by a Spanish journalist who wanted to talk to "the British barman who had such an extraordinary understanding of the Spanish psyche..."

Benjamin was obviously way too shy and embarrassed to return his call...

Photo shows Sandra Huggett and Victoria Duarri.