Little By Little

July/August 2004, Arts Theatre, West End

Marco, Julie, Paul and Christine in PerformanceWritten by: Ross/Greenfield/Hackaday
Orignal Cast: Paul Spicer, Christine Holman, Julie Atherton, Marco Sabba
Musical Director: David Randall
Produced by: Neil Eckersley
Directed by: Benjamin Till

Benjamin's debut as a West End director in his own right featured a cameo performance by Marco Sabba, who had just come out of the Big Brother house.

Suspecting that Marco's acting might be somewhat limited, the producers decided to cast him as a mannequin!

"If you're looking for a light, fun, occasionallyl poignant and wholly enjoyable evening, then Little By Little is for you.  Recommended." (

Photo shows Marco, Julie, Paul and Christine in Performance