A Christmas Carol


Kevin Richmond (Scrooge) & Gavin Fitzpatrick (Marley)December 2000-January 2001, Royal Festival Hall
Original Cast: Kevin Richmond, Eric Sykes, Greg Horsman, Orlando Russell, Gavin Fitzpatrick, Oxana Panchenko, Nathan Zorchak, Emma Greenhalgh, Irina Roncaglia, Lee Robinson, Anton Risan
Assistant Director: Benjamin Till
Conductor: David Shrubsole
Choreographer: Christopher Hampson
Devised and directed by: Mup Comer & Christopher Hampson

With Emma Greenhalgh (Bell)This is the only production Benjamin has worked on where he was given his own dressing room.

Benjamin found the experience of working in a completely silent rehearsal environment both fascinating and terrifying!

He was also astonished to discover that the ballerinas could eat him under the table!

Photos show Kevin Richmond (Scrooge) & Gavin Fitzpatrick (Marley), and Emma Greenhalgh (Bell).