Madam Butterfly

by Giacomo Puccini

Nancy Yuen as ButterflyOctober-November 1998, Jan-March 2000, Sheffield Arena, Manchester MEN Arena, Royal Albert Hall
Original Cast: Li Ping Zhang, Richard Roberts, Marcia Bellamy, Keith Latham, Richard Angas, Aled Hall, Richard Whitehouse, Alison Kettlewell
Musical Director: Peter Robinson
Designer: David Roger
Associate Director: Benjamin Till
Directed by: David Freeman

At the Albert HallDavid Freeman's beautiful production returned regularly to the Albert Hall since its first run, and could well be the most-watched operatic production in the world... ever... with way over 1,000,000 bums on seats in its ten-year history.

The entire production was staged on walkways which criss-crossed a Japanese water garden, which covered the whole of the promenading area of the Albert Hall.

Photos show Nancy Yuen as Butterfly, and The Royal Albert Hall.