Jesus Christ Superstar

by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice

10th-12th March 1994, Central Hall University of York

Miguel Mera with Richard IrelandOriginal Cast: Richard Ireland, Steve Trowell, Katina Kangaris, Pete Gold, Emily Sharp, Richard Coyle, Pete Harris, Miguel Mera, Ellen Taylor, John Cullen, Ellie Mant, Olga Michael, Tanya Cheadle, Sam Clarke, Tara Hendry, Nicky Jolly, Jim Murphy, Jonanthan Paige, Merial Whale, Caroline Wright and introducing Hilary Brennan.

Choreographed by: Tara Smith & Kerry Ferguson
Stage Managed by: Helen Acton
Musical Director: Leon Skelton
Produced by: Buzz Theatre
Directed by: Benjamin Till

Jesus Christ Superstar took six months to rehearse and had a cast of 150!  It was the largest production ever mounted on the university campus, and led to the forging of many close and life-long friendships.

Benjamin decided that, for maximum emotional impact, the crucifixion scene that wasn't touched until the dress rehearsal.  Many people still talk about the moment they first saw Richard Irelan suspended on the cros.. It really did look astonishingly realistic.

Benjamin had his first (and last) directorial hissy fit whilst working on this show.  He claims he looked like a silly girl as he flounced out of the rehearsal, and vowed never to lose his temper with actors again!

"Very effective and dynamic... credit to the cast and director" (Vision)

Photos show Miguel Mera with Richard Ireland, and the cast in performance.