Paul Bunyan

by B Brittan & W H Auden

The cast of Paul Bunyan17th & 18th November 1993, Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York

Original Cast: Kate Harry, Katina Kangaris, Lucy Rice, Miguel Mera, Simon Mills, Richard Ireland, Ellie Mant, Steve Trowell, Jon Cullen, Jim Murphy, Jeff Suarez, Matt Douglas, Pete Harris, Emily Sharp, Hilary Brennan

Produced by: Emma Dowden
Set Design by: Catherine Holdsworth
Directed by: Kate Mapp & Benjamin Till
Conducted by: Dan Harding

Chosen as the music department's annual "practical project" the production became one of the first performances of this little-known Benjamin Britten operetta.

The company rehearsed it over the course of a five-week period, and the production was extremely well received by the Britten-Pears Foundation.Benjamin made a cameo appearance in the work, as part of the Quartet of the Defeated, and was awarded a first for his work on the piece.

"Marvellous morale in this zesty cast." (Yorkshire Evening Post)

Photos show the cast of Paul Bunyan and the show's poster.