Alice Through the Looking Glass

by Lewis Carroll (adapted by Benjamin Till)

Benjamin adapated Alice Through the Looking Glass in 1996 for a Christmas production at the Fox Theatre, Palmers Green. He revisited the adaptation six years later for the Blewbury players in Oxfordshire.

The adaptation has been performed elsewhere including productions in Lewes and West London.

Fox Theatre Production - 1996

5th-21st December 1996, Fox Theatre, London.

Original cast: Jo Emery, Sharon Bushman (Alice), Sharon Canning, Kate Fielding, Martin Nichols, Mark Hilton, Pilar Orti, Gareth
Original music by: Peter John Gold and Benjamin Till
Stage managed by: Sally Austin
Produced by: Philippa Goslett
Directed by Benjamin Till 

Benjamin's first "professional" engagement was in a tiny North London Theatre pub. Performed entirely by eight actors and a series of masks, it was the most surreal piece of theatre many of the audience had ever seen.

Alice was played by a 25 year-old American who wore one of Benjamin's mother's dresses from the 1970s!

The cast did a charity performance once afternoon for a local lad with autism. Unfortunately only two people attended; Enfield's mayor, and an unheard of local man who was standing against Michael Portillo for the seat of Enfield Southgate. Stephen Twigg went on to win the seat, and become Benjamin's partner for three years. 

Blewbury Production - 2002

July 2002, Garden Theatre, Blewbury, Oxfordshire

Cast: Residents of the village of Blewbury in Oxfordshire
Original music by: Peter John Gold and Benjamin Till
Produced by: the Blewbury Players
Directed by Benjamin Till

Rehearsed in gardens and orchards on a series of sun-drenched weekends, the show was performed in a garden in one of Britain's most eccentric and beautiful villages.

The cast of the play ranged in age from six to eighty and consisted entirely of highly talented local residents.

Benjamin was welcomed into the village during the rehearsal process and enjoyed his experience thoroughly.

Two of the cast, Ed White and James Turpin, went to drama school the following September, and are now acting professionally in London.

Astonishingly this open air production wasn't affected by rain for its entire run!

Photo shows Ed White, and James Turpin as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, along with other members of the Blewbury Players.