Oh! What a Lovely War

by Joan Littlewood and the Theatre Workshop

In performance1st-5th February 1995, York Arts Centre and York University Audio Visual Studio
Original Cast: Dan Archard, Colin Adrian, Jonathan Armstrong, Alex Blythe, Hilary Brennan, Beth Brown, Horatio Clare, Edward Everett, Jenny Foster, Rachel Gilks, Wadehi Gokhale, Philippa Goslett, Kate Harry, Gavin Maguire, Miguel Mera, Karen Politt, Louise Power, Guy Russell, Aurelia Carter, Rachel Nichols, Emily Sharp, Michelle Turkie, Lisa Warren, Karen Wise, Justin Harmer, Christian Mackay
Musical Director: Richard Saxel
Assistant Director: Pete Harris
Choreographed by: Tara Smith
Produced by: Helen Acton
Directed by: Benjamin Till

This show almost caused the death of Benjamin and its producer, Helen Acton.

PosterBenjamin insisted that everything on stage was red, black or white, which meant hours of painting and stitching, generally taking place in the dead of night.

The show was hugely ambitious and had a cast of over thirty.  Some of the sections were filmed at York's Royal Theatre, and run as backdrops for the live action on stage.

The National Student Theatre Company came to watch the piece and awarded it a commendation for its music.

"Oh what a lovely performance." (Nouse)

Photos show the cast in performance and the production's poster.