Someone Whistled

by Benjamin Till

In performanceMay-June 1997, Pleasance Theatre, London

Original Cast: Lisa Carter, Lisanne Kitching, Tom Beaumont, Morag Brownlie, Rupert Fawcett, William Finkenrath, Jack Hansen, Charlotte Purton, Rebecca Rainsford, Emily Sharp
Musical Director: Fiona Brice
Set Designed by: Reidan Faulk
Lighting Designed by: Matt Green
Produced by: Philippa Goslett for 104 Theatre Company
Directed by: Benjamin Till

This is the show that taught Benjamin more lessons than any other.

In performanceIt was an opera about loss, inspired by the death of his Auntie Gill. It came straight from the heart, but was clunky and pretentious.

It made Benjamin realise that his next composition would need to be far more carefully conceived, and that it wasn't necessarily a good idea to plough an entire inheritance into a single show!

The work made a crashing loss, and Benjamin walked away with his tail planted firmly between his legs.

"Talented Till could whistle a much happier tune." (Ham and High)

Photos show the cast in performance.