by Boy George / Mark Markham

September 2001-March 2003, The Venue, Leicester Square

Paul Baker singing "Gimme a Freak"Original Cast: Paul Baker, Euan Morton, Luke Evans, Matt Lucas, Gemma Craven, Declan Bennett, Zee Asha, Michele Hooper, Lucy Harris, Joe Docherty, Mark McGee, Hannah Jane Fox, Dianne Pilkington, Andrew Moreton, Drew Jaymson, Gail McKinnon, Mark White.

Later casts included: Mark Little, Boy George, Julian Clary, Jackie Clune, Marie Wilson, David Burt, Nathan Taylor, John Partridge and Lyn Paul

Musical Director: James McKeown
Designed by: Tim Goodchild
Costumes by: Mike Nicholls
Resident Director: Benjamin Till
Produced by: AKA and Michael Fuchs
Directed by Chris Renshaw

Taboo was nominated for four Olivier Awards, and won one (Paul Baker for Best Supporting Actor - greatly deserved!)

Benjamin worked on the show for almost two years, including six months of pre-production.

He also played 'cello on the original cast album.It was on this show that he met his partner, Nathan.

Photo shows Paul Baker singing "Gimme a Freak".