100 Faces
Apr 15, 2018

Benjamin has been awarded the prestigious Pears Short Film Fund at UK Jewish Film to make 100 Faces, a film exploring what it means to be Jewish, told from the perspective of one hundred British Jewish people, aged 1-100.

The ten-minute film will feature an original classical composition, scored for strings, which he will write. The one hundred contributors will sing, or speak in rhythm as an integral part of the soundtrack. The film will start with a one-year-old, with each new shot revealing a person exactly one year older than the last.

The film is about the fleetingness of life. By its end we’ll have watched people imperceptibly ageing, from a fresh-faced baby with a life-time ahead of them, to a 100 year-old person with wisdom etched into their face.

Benjamin needs to find ONE Jewish person born in EVERY year between 1918 and 2017.

He wants to demonstrate the huge diversity within the community, so is keen to hear from all Jewish people, Charedi to atheist, gay, straight or trans, those who are converting or have converted, and Jewish people from every walk of life, profession, background and colour.

The film will be premiered at the UK jewish Film Festival in November this year.