Other - Sibelius

Benjamin's reportBenjamin used to like Sibelius, but couldn't work out what the hell his tutor was going on about...

His report for the project became legendary in the music department...

Quotes from the report:

"The written account of this movement does mark some improvement on your ill-prepared, sketchily-researched and arrogantly-presented classroom version - though this is hardly a difficult thing to achieve under the circumstances!

"Nevertheless, it singualrly fails to take on board many of the points made in class, which is a pity, because at least I and others in the group took the seminar seriously, even if you did not.

Jean Sibelius"There are a few informative points amongst your running commenart, but this description hardly hardly constitutes eevidence of analyitical thinking.  Indeed, it is difficult to take seriously any piece of work which defines a masterpiece like Sibelius 5 in terms of a 'lettuce sandwich'; the analogy isn't even an appetizing one.

"These vague ramblings, their presentation, and lateness of submission confirm - as your offensively facetious and juvenile 'contributions' to the class so clearly demonstrated (to others there, not just me) - that this is not a project you were willing to take at all seriously.

"This attitude will need to change if you are to find your way through the degree course here with any kind of success."