100 Faces
Dec 17, 2012

Benjamin's latest BBC Film is due to be broadcast across the North East and Cumbria on Thursday 20th December. 100 Faces is a celebration of 100 lives. Each person who features in the film was born in a unique year between 1912 and 2011. The oldest person in the film in 100 years old. The youngest is just 1. Each new face featured in the film is a year older than the person in the shot before. Each was asked a single question; "what was it that made 2012 important for you?"  The answers are both honest and extraordinary.

It is a remarkable film, accompanied by music performed by the wonderful English Philharmonic Orchestra who are based in the North East. Benjamin is hugely proud of the piece and would like to thank all 100 faces for being brave enough to tell their stories, and, of course, the wonderful staff at BBC Newcastle, BBC Tees and BBC Cumbria for all their hard work.

Biggest thanks go to Nell Gordon, who produced the film. Without her, the whole piece would have fallen flat on its face.