Sallon in Soho
Jan 25, 2016

Watch a somewhat eccentric and very "guerilla-style" film that Benjamin made seven years ago on the streets of London.

The film features Benjamin's great friend,1980s club host, Philip Sallon, one of the founding fathers of both Punk and New Romanticism.

The film was shot to document the death of Soho. Since this film was made, most of the key Soho haunts like Madam Jojo's and Raymond's Review Bar have closed down and are being replaced by sanitised chain restaurants and fancy boutiques.

Philip is a nocturnal creature who has spent most of his life wandering the streets of Soho in the wee smalls. He knows all the sex workers, the bouncers, the drug addicts, the club kids and the old Soho-residents; the very people who made Soho swing.

Click here: it's surely worth a watch